Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu is renowned for its varied and abundant food culture. If you are looking for best lassi shop in Kathmandu, a yogurt-based beverage that is popular throughout the city, are great for cooling off on hot days. There are lots of lassi shops in the city, and each one offers a different and delectable experience.

Here is the list of top best lassi shop in Kathmandu:

1. Thamel Momo Hut

thamel momo hut
thamel momo hut

Located at Narsingh Chowk, Thamel Momo Hut is known for its delicious lassi and has received rave reviews from travelers. This is a great place to grab a refreshing glass of lassi while exploring the vibrant streets of Kathmandu.

2. Lassi House

This lassi vendor is located in a very busy street Lassi House is known for serving some of the best lassi in Kathmandu. The lassi is described as yogurt-based with green dry raisins, nuts, and milk cream, and is in a more liquid form compared to typical yogurt. It is not too sweet and is priced at 80 RS for a large cup and 45 RS for a small one.

For those who want to sample the best of Kathmandu’s lassi culture, these shops are a must-visit because they have a wide selection of flavors and textures. There are numerous other locations in Kathmandu where you can savor this delectable beverage in addition to these well-known lassi shops. When visiting Kathmandu, lassi is a must-try for both locals and visitors.


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