Bheri Hospital

Bheri Hospital Bheri Hospital
Leading: Surgery
Success Rate: 60%
Health Type: Hospital

Bheri Hospital, located in Nepalgunj, which is the main center of hope and trust for about 3.9 million people in the Midwestern region and about 3.0 million people in the Far West, was established in 1947 (that is, 130 years before today) under the name of Prithvi Vir Hospital Dispensary. No. In 2016, Ratnarajya Lakshmi Devi Maternity Home was named as Ratnarajya Lakshmi Devi Parshuti Home and it ran until 2021 B.S. and after that it was named as Bheri Regional Hospital in 2022 B.S. Initially 50 beds were approved for this hospital, 100 beds in 2043 and 50 beds at present from the Development Committee.

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